Enteral nutrition assessment

TIM- In vitro simulated digestion system(TNO Intestinal Model) is a multi-unit computer controlled in vitro digestion simulation system developed by Minekus and Havenaar of Wageningen University in the Netherlands for dynamic drug testing. The system is divided into two parts, the stomach and small intestine simulator (TIM-1) and the large intestine simulator (TIM-2). The system has been certified by the Federal Reserve and adult dietary Control regulations for the digestion of food, the release of compounds, the absorption of nutrients and the testing of drugs

After years of research and development and clinical research, Newgen Biotech has built and formed a platform for intestinal flora detection, intestinal bacteria transplantation, and the activity analysis of metabolites. Thus it has a unique technical advantage in the probiotic industry which can be applied to the R&D of the strengthening food digestion, food ingredients and additives, active pharmaceutical ingredients. The platform will be availability (macro and micro) for the analysis, researching and the enteral nutrition assessment of the intestinal nutrients absorption, the interact of probiotics and pathogen, the colonic fermentation of dietary fiber and prebiotics, the digestion of food allergens and the release, stability and bioavailability of (potentially) toxic compounds.