Synthetic biology

Under the guidance of engineering ideas, synthetic biology is a systematic and rational design, transformation and even re-synthesis of biological systems (chassis cells) according to specific goals from the perspectives of modularization, quantification, standardization and universality. It is a multidisciplinary discipline of biology, bioinformatics, computer science, chemistry, materials science and so on. The core technologies included include genetic engineering, metabolic engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering and isolation engineering. The selection and optimization of chassis cells is the core step in synthetic biology. Mature and stable chassis cells are not only the result of the four stages of "design-build-test-learning" (DBTL) cycle, but also the core technology of synthetic biology enterprises.


Newgen has realized the construction of synthetic biology technology platform on the basis of the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center of Marine biological engineering by building Marine bacterial library, molecular biology platform, enzyme engineering platform, high-throughput screening platform, fermentation amplification platform, functional evaluation platform and other operation platforms. It can effectively realize the relevant Marine bioactive macromolecules from raw material selection, chassis cell selection and optimization and product stable amplification production.