NewGen was invited to attend the Deep Ocean Water Forum in the South China Sea

NewGen was invited to attend the Exploitation and Utilization of Deep Ocean Water Forum in the South China Sea

Newgen focuses on the research and innovation of Marine biological resources and synthetic biology, and has established series platforms, inclouding Marine Microorganism Bank, Developing Center of Marine Enzyme, Enteral Nutrition Center, Biomedical Center, Natural Product Center, Developing Center of Marine Drug, Developing Center of Functional Food and Registration Center.

It has a modern production process amplification laboratory and many high-density cell engineering fermentation production lines, which can quickly realize the production of independent research and development achievements and the transformation of industry-university-research achievements. It has built Xiangshan Marine Innovation Service Center, Xiangshan Marine Bioengineering Technology Center, Newgen Biotech Marine Bioengineering Technology Center, Zhejiang graduate student joint training base, Zhejiang high-tech enterprise research and development center.

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