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ABOUT Newgen Biotech

Newgen Biotech(Ningbo) Co., Ltd., Founded in 2013, is committed to the research and development, production and sales of active food and pharmaceutical ingredients.Based on the precious marine bioresources and synthetic biology technology, our organisation has series platforms, inclouding Marine Microorganism Bank, Developing Center of Marine Enzyme, Enteral Nutrition Center, Biomedical Center, Natural Product Center, Developing Center of Marine Drug, Developing Center of Functional Food and Registration Center.

Newgen Biotech’s R&D team consists of knowledgeable and experienced experts including Nobel Prize winners and academicians who have been working on developing, test and analysis of enzyme, probiotics and polysaccharide for decades and has in-depth cooperation with a number of universities and research institutions in global.

With rich experience, strong strength, advanced technology and standard management in the field of active food and pharmaceutical ingredients, Newgen Biotech has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal research and development projects, such as, the National Marine Innovation and Development Project of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Breakthrough Project of Science and Technology (2025), etc. The company pays special attention to intellectual property protection and has passed the certification of National Intellectual Property System, By 2022, it has applied for more than 60 patents, and has been authorized 31 patents, including 20 invention patents.

Newgen Biotech foster a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best and aims to improve people’s healthy and nutrition. The company are committed to researching, development and production of products with high quality in the industry to expand the big health industry chain for growing into a leading enterprise in the field of marine resources and products and achieve the national deep blue strategic objective with unremitting efforts in future.

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Newgen Biotech has a modern production process amplification laboratory and many high-density cell engineering fermentation production lines, which can quickly realize the production of independent research and development achievements and the transformation of industry-university-research achievements. It has built Xiangshan Marine Innovation Service Center, Xiangshan Marine Bioengineering Technology Center, Newgen Biotech Marine Bioengineering Technology Center, Zhejiang graduate student joint training base, Zhejiang high-tech enterprise research and development center. 

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Newgen unswervingly promote the construction and improvement of quality management system and has passed ISO22000:2015 food management system, ISO9001:2015 management system, HACCP food management system certification, Kosher, Halal and NSF-CGMP and strictly applied the quality management system in the production process. 

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